Test and Opinion WP Rocket 2023, the extension that accelerates the speed of a WordPress site


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What is the purpose of the WP-Rocket WordPress plugin?

WP-Rocket is a premium WordPress extension that allows you toincrease the loading speed of a WordPress site. As you know, the loading speed of your site can have an effect on the position of your WordPress site in search engines. People also prefer browsing a responsive website. You probably deleted a page or video that took too long to load… You can also read this review on WP ROCKET which is very well done!

This is all very exciting. However, you might be wondering what a simple plugin can do to boost WordPress performance to such a degree. The reason is simple: WP-Rocket takes care of caching all articles and pages on your website, compressing all content on your website and loading only images visible to visitors and configuring your server to improve its performance in different Internet browsers.

Clear, WP-Rocket thoroughly optimizes your WordPress site and drastically reduces database access, which will make your site host, your customers and the search engines smile. Pretty cool, right?

Ok, let's get to the nagging question: Should you spend your money on a WordPress cache plugin when W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache and other free plugins exist?

Can I afford to buy a WordPress cache plugin?

Today you can buy WP-Rocket for 29 euros (1 site) or the price is 69 euros (3 sites) or 149 euros (unlimited use). Thereafter, you must pay a new installment every 24 months in order to continue to receive updates to your software. In this scenario, you will continue to use the version you currently have of WP-Rocket, but you will not be able to access extension updates.

What distinguishes WP-Rocket from other plugins, is its simplicity as well as its flexibility, support and efficiency.

The reason I haven't used caching on my WordPress sites so far is that alternatives are gasworks which take a long time to implement effectively. When Jean-Baptiste Marchand Arvier (one of the founders of WP-Rocket) contacted me in September asking me to try the plugin , I had some apprehension. Here is the response I emailed him:

The plugin you have chosen is intriguing, however it is not free and based on the information on your site I cannot tell what more it offers compared to free options such as W3 Total Cache or WP SuperCache.

After reading the many positive reviews of WP-Rocket on the Internet, I felt like giving it a try and I was surprised by the ease of use and the effectiveness of the plugin!

After purchasing the extension, you can download it directly. Then you need to add it to your WordPress site using the menu Plugins > Add from WordPress Plugins > Add from WordPress or using your favorite FTP software. To activate WP-Rocket, users need to generate an API key through your personal wprocket account. The process is simple, just enter the name of the domain on which the plugin is activated to obtain a valid API key. After enabling WP Rocket in WordPress, you will then be able to access the following control panel

Here is how I configured WP-Rocket to work on my site.
wp rocket config

Each option is explained Each option is clearly explained in French and you just have to look at the different options you want. Advanced Options advanced options allow you to resolve conflicts you may have with specific plugins and create exceptions or other rules. In my experience, I didn't have to use the options for advanced settings in WPRocket because everything worked right away. The section Tools allows you to delete the cache, load the cache and send the configuration to the support team in case of problems. It is also interesting to note that all the explanations offered (including in the explanation videos) are written in French. It's not common enough to warrant highlighting it.

Finally, WP-Rocket's support service is exceptional. I encountered a minor issue while installing WP-Rocket on an O2switch hosting service and Jonathan, one of the two plugin developers, quickly resolved the issue for me by outlining the root cause of the issue.

WP-Rocket on my site The result

To assess the impact of WP-Rocket on my site, I used the GTmetrix measurement service.

Here are the test results before installing and activating WPRocket:

GTmetrix before WP ROCKET

Here are the test results after activation and installation of WP-Rocket:

GTmetrix after WP ROCKET

Beyond the tints and notes that highlight the benefits of the speed gained by the site loading process The total size of the home page went from 1.51 Mb to 0.7 Mb without any intervention on my part . I personally feel an immediate difference when I visit the site and am delighted with the results achieved in such a short time.

In conclusion: I highly recommend WP-Rocket while keeping my eyes closed.

The current version 3.12 allowed me to significantly speed up the process of loading my site in a short period of time, simply by activating the plugin! I had no compatibility issues using the extensions I installed and, to add to that, support is fast and very useful. After trying W3 Total Cache a few months ago, I can recommend WP-Rocket. It's also important to note that if you don't like WP-Rocket for your purposes, you have 30 days to reconsider your decision and ask for the return of your investment (it's written in black and white on their website). If the WP-Rocket team keeps their product up to date and the level of support service continues to improve with the rapid growth of the plugin, WP-Rocket is bound to become a key reference within the WordPress community. .

Finally, I want to be honest with you and thank Jean-Baptiste for giving me a 20 euro discount in September last year to try out the extension. To be able to write about an article, I need to be completely convinced of its effectiveness and to test it to be completely certain. If the quality remains present in 12 months, I will continue the journey with WP-Rocket.

The official site of WP-Rocket.

What do you think ? Are you using a caching plugin on your WordPress site?
Are you ready to test WP-Rocket. Or are you satisfied with another solution?

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