Our 2023 review on Filmora Wondershare

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Sometimes I do video editing. I started by using Camtasia as well as Sony Vegas… It allowed me to evaluate and appreciate the accessibility and usefulness of these tools for different types of users.

That's why I present to you today the video editing software: Filmora Wondershare.

What exactly is Filmora Wondershare?

Filmora is a video editor online that allows you to get a professional quality editing by an easy method. When I say simple, I am referring to its user-friendly interface. As you will discover in this article, Filmora has many intriguing options.


The Benefits of Filmora

If you are new to Filmora, you will probably be interested to know more about the benefits of this program. The most important advantages are listed here.

Easy to use software

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To use it, you don't need any prior knowledge of video editing. The program is accessible to novices and is quite simple. Do you find editing difficult every time you make your video? Do you think this is the part you hate the most? Filmora might just make you reconsider!

Although easy to use, the program is very comprehensive. For example, it allows users to stabilize (to remove jitter in a video) oreliminate background noise of a video to ensure better audio quality.

The strength of the program is that you can modify the interface according to your experience and your level on the subject. A novice can opt for the simple fashion. Once the program has started, it is easy to switch to the full version from Filmora which offers more features.

Royalty free music

Find some royalty free music before uploading your videos to Youtube is a long process. You can spend hours searching but not find anything suitable. Wondershare Filmora offers a gallery of royalty-free songs as well as an array of sound effects. You won't face copyright issues when you upload videos to YouTube!

Text effects

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Filmora allows you toquickly add text effects to your videos. To add text effects, select a text template, then drag it onto the timeline. You can modify it as you wish. The longest step is to select an appropriate text template from the various templates offered.

Text effects are a great way to make an intro simple to create in just a few clicks, without having to buy ready-made templates and without breaking your head. The same goes for adding titles and texts to your video. Just choose the visual look of the text and then drop it into the edit section. Drag and drop!


In a program from the Adobe suite that I will not mention, it is difficult to obtain a good rendering during transitions between different clips. With Filmora, add thetransition effect is easy. It is similar to applying text effects. Choose one of the templates and drop it between your two videos on your timeline. The transitions are fluid and leave no mark on your videos.

Rotate and flip in a video

Personally, I don't like it when I watch a video and have to turn the screen or twist my neck to watch it. It is quite simple to accomplish this task. You can rotate the video vertically, flip it upside down or horizontally, control its brightness, contrast and saturation… You can easily make many adjustments to the video.

Cut with precision

If you are used to editing and shooting videos, you must know how important it is to cut your video clips with precision and at the right time. This is a crucial step for creating dynamic videos that remove blanks or an element of the film that you want to hide during editing. Filmora's tool for trimming your clips allows you to accomplish this task according to your needs while remaining precise.

Separate and trim audio

By right-clicking on the timeline, it is possible to split video and audio. This is extremely useful when you want to make changes only to the audio recording. For example, you can change its appearance and make it disappear over time. As already mentioned, you can also remove background noise to get a higher quality recording.

Green screen

If you are filming in front of a green screen, Filmora will allow you to embed the video into other editing elements to create a stylish look.

Exporting your video

Filmora offers you different settings for exporting your video. Personally, I prefer the MP4 format. It also offers the possibility of directly uploading the video to the networks. Yes, yes, directly. Just log in and click send!

Lifetime license and free use

First, you can test the Filmora editor for free without having to spend any money. This allows you to determine whether the program is suitable for your needs or not. Believe me when I say you are never better off than yourself. The best thing you can do is decide for yourself what decision you want to make. To test Filmora, you can click below:

The other advantage is the fact that you buy the software for the rest of your life through Wondershare ! This software is increasingly difficult to find online, but it is still available! For an additional cost of 20 euros, you will not have to renew your subscription for a year. It's up to you what you want to do. Why do I say this is one of its greatest assets? Because the majority of competing software has a significantly higher cost and many of them only offer monthly or annual subscriptions.

Cons of Wondershare Filmora

After seeing the advantages and benefits, let's look at the disadvantages of this method.

Limited and free use

Wondershare allows us to test Filmora software for free. It's nice to express your own decision. The use is not limited. The biggest problem is that it is impossible to render our work no watermark. It is therefore not possible to put it online as it is on the Internet. To remove the watermark as well as to get help from the software support team, you will need to purchase the software.

A limited number of tracks

In the standard version of Filmora, the number of tracks available is only limit (at 100 tracks in all likelihood). If you're a professional and need more tracks, there's an enhanced version of Filmora that lets you create unlimited tracks!


If experienced video editors may need more features or options with Filmora, this software is ideal for intermediates and beginners. The software is intended to provide the novice user with effects for video (cinematic type) and allows the creation of professional quality videos.

It is rare to find a such a range of options in software that is not designed specifically for professionals. This is why newcomers may find Filmora difficult to use. However, Wondershare has solved this problem in a nice way by offering an easy-to-use mode, a more user-friendly version that comes with fewer features. When you feel comfortable with Filmora, you can upgrade to full mode.

Then, Wondershare Filmora is specially designed for mobile videos and social media. With Filmora, making square videos by fading sidebars, creating GIFs or applying filters on Instagram is easy to do. It makes it a tool extremely effective.

My opinion is that Filmora is by far the most effective video editor for beginners. This is mainly due to its cost and ease of use and control. Because it lets you create smartphone-friendly videos and social media videos, Filmora is also great software for marketers.

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