Debutify Avis Review 2023 – Conversion-Oriented Shopify Theme


Debutify is a Shopify theme that stands out from the rest for its desire to achieve a higher conversion rate. What is the point of this theme? Let's find out together.

Shopify provides all the tools to set up an online store without the stress. A valid email address along with a brand name, and an account password are all you need to register. To start selling, you will need a few things:

  • Action plan
  • Suppliers
  • Good products to market

Regarding the action plan, it depends on the method you want to implement. Advertising on Facebook? Partnership on Instagram? Natural reference ? Google Ads? TikTok traffic (paid or organic)? A mixture of all this?

For good sellers, it is already more difficult. Browse the market or collaborate with artisans or small-scale businesses? Finding reliable suppliers is crucial. For high quality products, it will entirely depend on the suppliers you choose.

What is still missing? A good e-commerce theme. A theme created for usability, shopping experience, and most importantly, to drive sales. Well-written copy, just like a well-designed theme, can help you convert more customers into visitors and, as a result, earn more money.

There are a myriad of eCommerce themes out there, some designed for beginners like Debut, while others come with advanced features. This is the case of Debutify.

What is Debutify?

To put it simply, it is simply a freemium theme comes with a variety of many add-ons dedicated to converting 54, to be precise. In addition to the options that accompany it. Let's see this in more detail!

Debutify is an organization with many employees, from designer to developer. An experienced team that has a solid development strategy for the future of Debutify. It's serious, and it gives confidence.

In addition, they also have agreements with famous brands in the world of online shopping. Have you ever heard of Cartloop? Together they provide an opportunity for new users. This is also the case with several other partners, such as, Growave…

What are the particularities of Debutify?

A flat design

A theme that is unique and incorporates practical features as you can see. Let's talk about design with great typography: simple buttons, flashy colors Debutify is a Shopify theme that focuses on the essentials.

In the demo store, the colors used include purple as well as a highly visible green, especially in bright light. A lot of people don't like purple, but you can change this color.

The theme is mobile friendly and suitable for mobile and tablet format:

Debutify reviews Mobile responsive Shopify Theme

Personally, I prefer the mobile view over the desktop view.


The theme has several sections that are customizable, specifically when it comes to navigating through the menus, both top and bottom. The footer menu offers different display options are accessible:

  • Payment methods
  • Contact Details
  • Social networks
  • “About us” section
  • “Newsletter” section

The home page, or more specifically the auto-slider that your customers will see first, can be customized. This is an essential aspect of an online store for several reasons. It's a convenient way for future customers to see the latest promotions, new products and special events… It's a great marketing opportunity.

The warranty bar

You've probably seen this section, which is on every store; it assures buyers of the brand's credibility. This section is made up of guarantees, usually having the appearance of a bar that has an icon, a title and a small text.

These warranties may include:

  • “Worldwide Delivery” “Worldwide Delivery” Order from anywhere in the world!
  • "Money Back Guarantee" Having problems with your item? Return your money within 24 hours.
  • "Satisfaction or get your money return" If you are not satisfied with your product? Return it for a refund!
  • “24/7 support” – Contact us anytime, any time of the week.
Debutify warranty bar

This functionality is vital for any online store, and usually requires an additional and sometimes paid plugin. Debutify integrates it directly into the theme, and can be customized by incorporating over 1000 icons.

Product Pages

If there's one specific type of page in your store that needs to be optimized in every way, it's the product page. This is where most of your customers add the item to their cart and then place an order.

Simple product pages include an image gallery with description, price, and occasionally the "similar product" module. This model is not enough to maximize conversion rates. Over hundreds of visits, the difference will be apparent.

Product pages that use Debutify include additional elements (boxed in red in the image). These elements include:

  • The number of items available
  • The number of users on the page
  • the number of items purchased in the last 24 hours.
Example Debutify product page

Many online retailers choose not to display this information. It's up to you to decide. It is essential that the information you provide is truthful to remain legally valid.

The image above allows you to see other interesting elements. A reminder of the guarantees (free delivery, refund or satisfaction and refund, etc.) as well as the estimated delivery time, which is very important to be open with potential customers and the size guideline for clothing:

Product details size Debutify T-shirt

There are accordion sections on these pages. There's a short description, a different tab that can be customized, and even the ability to earn promo codes by sharing. Awesome, I've never seen such a thing before!

accordion sections Debutify

From now on, the possibilities are ten times greater than the standard themes that are available on the majority of eCommerce CMS like WooCommerce. And that's not all. Below is the full description, which is classic.

But, the one thing that is rarely in a theme and requires paid third-party installation is the “often bundled” module. This conversion method is very effective, Amazon sellers use it for a variety of products.

The goal is to raise the price of the basket…

Below, you will find just below, the “similar product” module, which is natively connected to Debutify. Then the customer review module which allows customers to leave reviews, whether positive or negative. It's a complete and effective product page!

FAQ page

If you're in the e-commerce business, the FAQ page looms large, as does the About page. These two pages need to be refined. If a customer fails to find the FAQ section on your store's online store, chances are you can spot them exploring with doubts. And, even more, if he decides to place an order, but he is looking for answers to a question, and there is an FAQ page…

The pattern was directly suggested by Debutify:

Debutify FAQ Page

This page is only an illustration. It is imperative to ensure that your FAQ page is as comprehensive as possible. To get a rough idea of the questions to be answered:

  • When will I receive my purchase?
  • Can I track my order?
  • My order is not complete What should I do?
  • I did not receive my order.
  • What should I do to return an item?
  • Are payments secure?
  • Are my personal data secure?
  • What are the official means of payment?

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and ask yourself if you have any doubts. When placing an order, the buyer must be confident. If he has concerns and his question is not answered in the FAQ section, it is not a good idea.

How can I start using Debutify for free?

Step 1 – Sync with Shopify.

Debutify is a freemium theme, which means that it is possible to download and install the theme for free, but with limitations. To start using Debutify without paying 1 EUR, register on this page, then click the purple button. Once you've signed up, all you have to do is verify the app on Shopify:

Installing Debutify

Once you're done, you'll be on the Debutify dashboard. You will be able to access the 14-day trial period for the Enterprise plan:

Install Debutify 14 Day Free Trial

Step 2 2. Install Theme

At the moment, it seems that the Debutify theme is not yet available on your Shopify store. To install, click "Download Theme", then click "Add Theme to Library". After publishing, you can edit the theme as much as you want from the Shopify editor. The default theme is based on the template used for demo purposes:

Debutify Default Template

Be sure to look at the different settings and various options, and familiarize yourself with Debutify. In just a few hours, you'll have your first professional-looking store without much effort. There are lots of choices, so take your time.

Step 3 – Getting started with Debutify

Back to the Debutify dashboard. The left sidebar contains a menu listing the different pages. Here's a quick overview:

  • Add-ons The page covers all 54 add-ons I warned you about some time ago. The add-ons are divided into four categories, namely: Cart Maximizers Conversion and Loyalty Triggers, Purchase Enhancers, and Store Protectors. You can learn more about the steps for setting up a specific feature by clicking "Help Center" and then "Add-ons".
  • Theme Library HTML0 Theme Library Theme manager like Shopify Themes page. It allows you to publish changes to put them online.
  • Product Vault An Aliexpress catalog of products with good sales performance, similar to Potentially winning products. When you click on it, you will be able to see various information about the characteristic people in the market, the type of audience to target, the potential margins and the advertisements associated with this product.
  • Marketing Masterclass Video tutorials and training on how to use various marketing tools. This is a great addition to Debutify!
  • Mentoring – A paid coaching service.
  • Integrations – Partnerships that are with Debutify and third parties. You can benefit from special offers, such as discounts or a trial period.
  • Maps This is where you can control your premium and free plan subscription.

You are now aware of everything on these pages. It can be a little daunting at first, but in the end it's a breeze to navigate. The most difficult aspect is customizing your store with your own logo.

Sign up to be part of Debutify

How much does Debutify cost?

You can start using Debutify from 0 euros per month. However, you will face several limitations and you will not be allowed to install any add-ons or benefit from the assistance and support offered by the Product Vault. It's kind of a package to discover the theme, get the theme.

The other 3 packages are also monthly subscriptions (yearly you save 25%):

  • Starting: 21€ / month (includes 5 add-ons plus Product Vault at bronze level).
  • Professional: 59€ per month (includes 30 additional add-ons plus Product Vault at silver level plus Masterclass Part 1)
  • Company: 111€ per month (3 licenses + 57 add-ons, plus Product Vault at Gold Masterclass level and Product Vault)

The Enterprise plan is the most complete, it's actually the best choice since it comes with three licenses instead of one. The most popular formula is the Pro formula, which is an intermediary between the 29 $/month formula and the 149 $/month formula.

Debutify Pricing and Pricing

What about Debutify? My opinion !

It's a great theme overall and the developers have done a fantastic job providing the complete package: customizable theme, E-commerce add-ons and marketing training and support… There's even a Facebook group accessible to all who use the theme. The entrance fee is not expensive.

The biggest highlight, and you can think of it, are the extensions that allow you to integrate advanced functionality directly without the need for third-party apps from Shopify. The advantage is that there are no compatibility issues and the features fit seamlessly into the design of the store.

There is even an add-on to display cookies, which usually requires a small amount between 1 and 2 EUR per month. When you add all the add-ons you can get and the cost is affordable.

My impression is positive. It's a great theme, fast and easy to use; however, it is not designed for novices. The monthly cost of 149 $ is something only professionals in the field can afford, which is an absolute budget!

The reviewers' comments and customers are also extremely positive. Debutify theme has over 9500 positive reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.8/5.

Trustpilot Debutify review


You can use Debutify for free or not. If you choose to do so, then you can take advantage of the 14-day trial today and then upgrade to the paid version or select one of the three paid options depending on the features you need.

The main difference between a free theme such as Venture or Brooklyn and Debutify is the extras available. Additional modules, training, etc. This is how you can recognize a serious theme company with big goals!

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