The E-Mail Marketing Machine

If you are marketing on the Internet and want to use bulk e-mailing for your business, this package is an absolute “must-have” item! It contains a special software program that, after installation, allows you to download more than FIVE MILLION E-MAIL ADDRESSES you can use to advertise your product! It also includes bulk e-mail software, additional e-mail address updates, and more!Like it or not, bulk e-mail advertising works and is here to stay! On average, it receives dramatically more response than TV and radio that companies are spending millions of dollars on! With bulk e-mail, you advertise for FREE! Everything you sell is 100% PROFIT since it costs you nothing to market (e-mail) to millions of people!
No cost putting together an expensive mailing piece!
No printing cost of the advertising piece!
No labor or production cost to get your printed piece together for the Post Office!
No postage costs & No wasted time waiting for your mailing to be delivered and responded to.