Kindle SEO: Optimizing Your Amazon Book SEO (Sell More Books, Sell More Kindle Books, Sell More Ebooks, Book Marketing, Book Selling, Tips, Secrets, Shortcuts, … Basics, and Essentials in the ebook era)

Kindle SEO: Optimizing Your Amazon Book SEO

SEO should not be an afterthought for authors. It isn’t something done after the book is written, in hopes that you can sell more books.

SEO can form the basis of better books which will attract and keep better customers. Authors can and should be using SEO at every step of the writing and publishing process. It should govern your choices about a book title, a book cover, chapters within the book, the book description, and more. Since readers are using computer search engines to find and select books to read, you can think like a computer to help them choose yours! This book will transform your approach to producing and promoting your Kindle content.
Learn to write the book last, after you have done the research, picked a category, and picked your title so you are featured prominently on the shelves in more than one spot in prime shelf space that gets lots of looks. Its mostly about keywords, keywords, and keywords.

By reading Kindle SEO: Optimizing Your Amazon Book SEO you will learn:
  • How to choose book keywords, words that actually describe what your book will be about
  • How to select the best categories based on your SEO keyword research
  • How to maximize keyword value for Amazon’s search engine – how to avoid wasting precious keywords
  • How to develop a strategy to get Amazon to promote your books for you
  • What you can do to improve your Amazon sales ranking
  • How to use SEO thinking to develop great book content
  • Using keywords for book sections/chapters.

With step-by-step practicality, this book walks you through reader-focused approach to eBook production and marketing. The value of SEO research is prevalent at every stage of the process. Keyword research forms the basis of the content written and how it is prepared for publication and promotion. Do you want your books to become best sellers? This is one of the quickest and easiest tools to understand how that is within your reach. The book even concludes with a chapter on some of the most useful tools available to increase your writing productivity.

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