500 Web Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Tricks and Tips

This short guide is really a list of 500 tips, tricks, suggestions, and facts about web marketing.

The idea is to provide a down and dirty guide to the basics. Readers are encouraged to Google subjects and topics for more details.

Some sample chapters include:

21 Tips for Choosing Great Domains

Awesome Tips and Tricks for Social Media

Tips for Twitter

Advice for Growing Google+ Plus

Facebook Promoting

Tips for all Social Media

SEO Tips, Tricks, and Methods

Web Marketing Facts

The author has almost 20 years of web marketing experience. This book or guide is a list of the basics.

It is great advice for anyone with a web site. Some of it may seem over simplified, but the advice is down and dirty facts on what works, whats good and whats bad for SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

Overall this book provides some great and very useful information.

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