30 Beauty WordPress Templates to Make Your Perfect Site Live

If you are looking for the best solution for a quick start of your website, then it goes without saying that a ready-made website template will be the best choice. While the web offers thousands (if not millions) of pre-designed options for a variety f choices, for this compilation we have handpicked 30 stunning beauty and fashion WordPress themes.

N.B. in the end of the post we have shared a couple of the themes that will please the needs of the most demanding business site owners.

As you could have already guessed, all of the themes were developed for WordPress, one of the most popular CMS in the world. Being the perfect platform for building blogs, portfolios and personal pages, it is unmatched in the field. Ease of use and installation are among its greatest advantages. On top of it, all WordPress themes are well-documented and come loaded with a variety of handy features that can be used by the users of all skill levels, from beginners to pros. The intuitive organization of the admin panel only simplifies the process of the theme modification.

The list of WordPress themes that we offer for your consideration below includes premium products designed in different styles and for different purposes. The thing that all of them have in common is fluid adaptation to any business niche. All of them feature fully responsive layouts that ensure seamless adaptation to literally any screen size and resolution that your visitors selected to access your site.


Additionally, all of the templates were powered by Cherry Framework and enhanced with Bootstrap functionality. The versions of both vary from one theme to another, so make sure you read the description and technical details of every item.

The compilation includes themes for beauty, spa salons, saunas, model agencies, fashion blogs and portfolios. If you run a business related to any of the aforementioned topics, then you may be sure that you will find a ready-made solution right for your business. The valid coding and design built as per the latest web requirements make these templates the rock-solid solutions for creating a professional web presence that will make even international customers know about your services.

WordPress makes it so much easier to create your perfect dream site. See it for yourself with the help of these top-notch designs.

F. B. WordPress Theme

As the name implies, F.B. is a blog-focused WordPress template. It was especially designed to show off the creative photography and catwalk collections of fashion designers. The header features a large hero slider with the main navigation bar and logo placed on top of it. When a user starts scrolling down the page, he/she will be captivated by the stunning parallax scrolling effect that the background images were enhanced with. For better UI, the theme makes use of the white space, readable fonts and well-balanced content positioning.

The theme was built with Cherry Framework 3.1.5 and enhanced with Bootstrap 2.3.1 functionality. The latter makes the layout fully adaptive to any screen size and resolution, which automatically frees you from the necessity to develop a separate mobile version of your blog. Featuring a 2050px width layout, the theme comes with audio player and video integration. So, you can enhance the visual appeal of your blog with audio and video materials as well.

Fashion Blog WordPress Theme


Prestige WordPress Template

Prestige looks fresh and inspiring. The visual appeal is enhanced with the ghost icons, transparent elements, readable fonts and bold visuals. The theme comes packed with the features like several optional sliders, audio and video support, social options, calendar, Google map, favicon, etc. The main menu was made sticky. Thanks to the drop-down functionality support it provides web users with the quick access to the rest of the site content.

Built with the valid code, the template features beautiful animation effects. For example, banners reveal more information on hovering, background images and the header slider were enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect, whereas the lazy loading functionality will reveal the site’s content as a user scrolls down the page.

Fashion WordPress Template


Massage Salon WordPress Theme

Massage Salon is a gorgeous WordPress theme built in the best traditions of minimalism. Designed in soft, pleasant to the eye colors, the layout looks elegant and stylish. The fresh and inspiring mood of the theme will make it a perfect option not only for massage salon sites but also any other fashion or beauty related online project. For a more refined look, the layout was enhanced with neat circular icons that match the rest of the design elements perfectly. In terms of navigation, the layout will please the most demanding web surfer. The drop-down menu remains in a fixed position at the top of the page, whereas the back to top button will make it easier to get back to the site’s header.

The theme was created with the latest web design tendencies in mind. Valid, semantic HTML5 and CSS3 code will make it easier to get your site up and running. The package includes a variety of advanced theme options, together with a set of custom page templates and sliced PSD. SEO, mobile and user friendly, this template is a ready-made option for a quick start of your successful online project.

Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme


Sauna WordPress Theme

Thanks to the wooden texture in the background, the site visitors will feel the atmosphere of relax created by this fully responsive Sauna WordPress theme. The chosen color scheme of light and dark browns perfectly serves for the purpose. Combined with the vivid orange hues, the layout has a very pleasing and easy on the eyes effect. Built on Cherry Framework 3.1.4, the theme boasts an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility.

The pixel perfect design is enhanced with the powerful features that you can access via the intuitive admin panel. Well-documented and coming with free 24/7 support, the theme can be adjusted to fit beauty and fashion related websites. A set of custom page templates and a variety of advanced theme options will make the theme’s modification a breeze.

Sauna Responsive WordPress Theme


Fashion Show WordPress Theme

Fashion Show will be a perfect choice for literally any fashion related blog, portfolio or website. You can add more hierarchy and a well-balanced look to the site thanks to the variation of size and shape of different elements. In order to capture users’ attention once they land on your page, a large hero slider was provided. Right below it, there is a set of banners with hover effect that reveals additional information on the mouse over.

To make the site easier to browse and more user-friendly, the theme uses different photo backgrounds with the parallax scrolling effect, that help to separate different content blocks from one another. The theme is rather content-heavy, however thanks to the clever content positioning it looks by no means cluttered.

Fashion WordPress Theme


Audiologist WordPress Theme

Audiologist is a modern, thoroughly responsive WordPress theme that is intended to add a professional and trustworthy look to any beauty and healthcare website. Built in flat style, the layout features bold, eye-catching icons that add more functionality to the theme. Like many other templates from this compilation, Audiologist was loaded with a fixed navigation bar and a back-to-top button, both of which significantly simplify navigation.

The adaptive layout allows users of both desktop and handheld devices view the site in its full visual glory. Retina ready interface and crisp icons will provide a crisp and clear presentation regardless of the screen resolution. On top of this, the theme is enhanced with Cherry Framework 3.1.4 functionality, which makes the theme’s installation and modification much easier and hassle-free.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme


Optometrist’s WordPress Theme

Optometrist’s is best suited for building beauty and healthcare blogs and websites. However, while tweaking the theme a little bit from inside, you can get a well-optimized solution for any fashion or beauty web project. By default, the layout looks content oriented. The written data is enhanced with powerful visuals. The color scheme of turquoise, white and dark brown colors creates a well-balanced and professional look of the site. White space, in its turn, makes the layout more spacious and puts the content into focus of attention.

The 1600px width layout features a 2 columns structure. The theme was developed with valid, semantic coding, with the implementation of HTML plus JQuery animation. If you wish, you can enhance the site appeal by means of audio and video content. Several responsive sliders can be also managed via the powerful admin panel.

Optometrist's Responsive WordPress Theme


My Best Day WordPress Theme

My Best Day is a wedding WordPress theme that exudes joy and happiness. It is an ideal option for any site that seeks to advertise wedding planning services. The home page has pre-defined blocks for telling the company story, revealing its key benefits, showcasing the pricing plans, revealing user testimonials, and sharing contact information. Designed in soft colors, the layout looks both relaxing and cheerful. Joyous images of the happy couples enhance the appeal.

The theme has the ability to adjust flawlessly to any screen size and web browser. WPML-ready, It can be translated into multiple languages in order to make it easier for the international customers to understand your business and get in touch with you. Supporting Our Team, Portfolio, Services and Testimonials WordPress custom post types, the theme also features a variety of custom page templates that provide for a quick start of your business.

Wedding Event Planner WordPress Theme


Hair Restoration Clinic WordPress Theme

This responsive WordPress theme will be a perfect fit for medical and healthcare websites. Powered by Cherry Framework 3.1.4 and coded with valid HTML5 and CSS3 standards, the template will help you stay abreast of the latest web design trends. Its fluid and dynamic layout will smoothly adapt to any mobile device. On top of it, the theme is retina ready and provides pleasant user experience for everyone who reaches your site.

The theme is equipped with the live chat functionality, letting users get in touch with you on site. Also, at the bottom of the main page there is an integrated Google map with tooltips support. In that way, people can always find the shortest route to your clinic. Contact details can be found in the footer of the page. If you wish to apply any changes to the layout structure or positioning of certain elements, this can be easily achieved via the functional dashboard.

Hair Transplant Clinic WordPress Theme


Style & Fashion WordPress Theme

Style & Fashion is a smart and trendy WordPress theme that will add a more elegant and refined look to your fashion related web project. From the first glance at the theme, your audience will be fascinated by its visual appeal. A full-width header slider features the parallax scrolling effect that adds more depth and interactivity to the layout. The same deals with the background photos that not only make the theme look more appealing, but also serve to separate different content blocks.

The theme’s layout was built with the user in mind. Every element was handpicked to fulfill a certain function. For example, to make the content stand out and make the layout easy on the eyes, the theme’s developers made use of the while space. Calls-to-action were highlighted with the bold coral color. Social sharing options feature a circular form, which looks perfect with the rest of the design elements.

Fashion Stylist WordPress Theme


Sauna & Spa WordPress Theme

The theme is intended for building sauna and spa websites. Featuring a number of custom page templates and advanced modification options, the theme can be tweaked in so many ways. The powerful dashboard lets you manage the layout structure, colors, fonts, visuals, menu, and any other element of the design with ease. The template is translation-ready, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly.

The layout was built in soft colors. The background features a wooden texture, which lets every visitor immerse into the atmosphere of your business. Instead of the more traditional location of the live chat at the lower right corner of the theme, the functionality was integrated into the header. In order to look more trustworthy in the eyes of your clients, we offer to showcase a list of your partners right below the header slider. The latter, by the way, was enhanced with beautiful animation and smooth transition effect, which simply cannot be left without attention.

Sauna Responsive WordPress Theme


Plastic Surgery WordPress Theme

The theme was built with attention to details. Intended for creating plastic surgery blogs and websites, the theme beautifully showcases all of the benefits of the organization. For example, take the header slider. Full-width and retina-ready, it immediately captures visitors’ attention. Company services, recent blog updates and the list of useful links were all organized in the grid-based list. In that way, you can showcase plenty of information on one page without making it look cluttered.

The 1400px-width layout features a 2 column structure. In order to provide mobile visitors with enjoyable browsing experience, the theme was powered by advanced Bootstrap 2.3.1 functionality. Cherry Framework 3.1.5, that the template has on board, provides for a more enjoyable and seamless modification. Traditionally, a set of custom page templates, shortcodes, fonts, colors, and other handy options were included in the pack.

Plastic Surgery Responsive WordPress Theme


Dental Care WordPress Theme

Dental Care is a professionally designed and thoroughly coded WordPress theme that is best suited for medical and healthcare websites. It comes loaded with an array of theme options that are intended to make customization hassle-free. It doesn’t matter what device your visitors have chosen to access your web page – all content will smoothly adapt to any screen size thanks to Bootstrap integration.

The layout was built in the best traditions of business web pages. The color scheme features light blue, grey and white hues that ensure a sense of trust and credibility. The theme’s navigation is simple and intuitive. In order to save users’ time on coming across the desired content, live search functionality was added to the header of the theme.

Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme


Health Care Agency WordPress Theme

Flat, clean and minimal – this is how we can characterize the following WordPress theme. Intended for building health care and medical web resources, it was designed to cater to the needs of these respectable fields. Thanks to the great degree of user friendliness, your site visitors will feel the ease of seamless web browsing. Every element was located in the place where it’s supposed to be. The horizontal navigation bar remains in a fixed position at the top of the page while browsing. Contact details and social sharing options are in the footer. The back-to-top button remains at the lower right corner of the theme, letting users get back to the top without the need to scroll up the page.

The theme makes use of the innovative and mobile-friendly Bootstrap version 2.3.1. Cherry Framework 3.1.5 was selected to power up the template and bring an array of smart option to the pack, making it a breeze to tweak the design. The intuitive dashboard provides access to advanced theme options, several sliders, custom post types and ready-made page templates, etc. Detailed guides on the installation and modification of the theme were attached as well. Need online assistance? A team of qualified tech specialists is ready to help 24/7.

Healthcare Professionals WordPress Theme


Dental Clinic WordPress Theme

Dental Clinic WordPress Theme


Dentist WordPress Theme

Although the theme was designed to fit medical and healthcare websites, its layout looks so much different from all the rest of the themes of this kind. Dentist looks cheerful and optimistic. Thanks to the bright colors and joyous photos, you start feeling better when glancing at this design. One more peculiar feature of the template – Facebook button remains in a fixed position on the left side of the theme, welcoming users to take an action. The header slider and background images make use of the parallax scrolling effect, which adds a more captivating look to the theme.

In addition to its visual appeal, the theme is powerful from the inside. Bootstrap and Cherry Framework bring a number of smart options to the pack. For instance, the layout is fully adaptive and retina ready. A pack of shortcodes that are commonly included into Cherry Framework let you seamlessly edit blog posts, enhancing each publication with something new and stunning. The best part of it is that you do not need to touch a single line of code. This feature will be enjoyed by both pro and beginner developers.

Dentist WordPress Theme


Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

Tattoo Salon is a photo-centric WordPress template that can be a perfect fit for beauty, medical and health care websites. The chosen coral and dark grey color scheme perfectly fits for presenting tattoo business on the web, creating a reckless look and feel. The theme is intended to take your business to the next level thanks to the elegant design combined with the latest web techniques. It seems that the parallax scrolling effect will never go out of fashion. The theme makes clever use of the technique.

The theme was built for usability and flexibility. Coming packed full with a number of customization options, it can be tweaked in so many ways. Do you want to reach international customers? WMPL support will help you translate the site into any language possible. Want to rank high in the search engines and gain loads of traffic? Not a problem. The theme is SEO optimized.

Quality Tattoo Artistry WordPress Theme


Celebrities WordPress Theme

Celebrities is a rock-solid foundation for starting any fashion or beauty related website. Blogs, news portals and personal sites will look stunning when built with its help. The layout features a hierarchical structure, which allows to focus users’ attention on the most important content. The main page makes use of the full-width background photo that can be easily replaced with a different one once you start tweaking the design. By default, the theme makes use of the canary yellow calls-to-action, buttons, texts and icons, that look more outstanding when opposed to the dark green background texture.

The theme will be a perfect fit for content heavy websites. Even if you need to share loads of data on the main page, the well-balanced structure will make it look by no means cluttered. The 2 column layout organization allows you to showcase the latest blog updates and highlight the most popular articles in the right sidebar.

Fashion Responsive WordPress Theme


Fashion News Portal WordPress Theme

Here is another stunning theme for building a fashion news portal. Unlike the previous design, Fashion News Portal was built in fair colors. The smart use of white space makes both written and visual content look more appealing. At the same time, the technique allows to make the layout more spacious and easy to follow. In order to put the right visual accents and separate different content blocks from one another the developers added vivid coral accents to the pure white color scheme.

In terms of navigation, the template was made simple and intuitive. The main menu bar was placed at the top of the page. In order to provide users with quick access to the rest of the pages of the site, the navigation panel was made sticky. Additionally, the theme was enhanced with advanced search, which allows to look for the desired content by means of keywords. In order to keep the audience always informed of the latest news, the theme includes entries RSS and comments RSS support.

World Fashion News Portal WordPress Theme


Spark WordPress Theme

Spark is a model agency WordPress theme built with creativity and minimalism in mind. It can be also used for celebrity sites, news portals, fashion blogs and any other online project that is somehow connected with the fashion industry. The fully responsive layout was coded with valid HTML and CSS standards. On top of it, the theme was powered by Cherry Framework 3.1.5 and Bootstrap 2.3.1.

The theme features a stunning gallery at the top of the page. Great animation and beautiful transitions make it look more appealing. The navigation bar includes drop-down functionality. Above it, there are several neat social sharing options that welcome every visitor join crowds of your followers on G+, Twitter and Facebook. There is also an RSS feed option that allows keeping your avid readers always updated.

Model Agency WordPress Theme


Perfect Smile WordPress Theme

For medical websites, it seems there is nothing better than Perfect Smile. Boasting a gorgeous design and accessible options, it can be managed even by WordPress beginners. Owing to the intuitive admin panel that provides quick access to the advanced theme features, everyone can modify the layout in literally any way. Additionally, the pack includes detailed instructions that will guide you through the process of the theme installation and modification step-by-step.

As per the visual presentation, the theme was built in the best traditions of minimalism. Placed over the fair background, light green elements breeze fresh air into the design, making it look so inspiring. The layout doesn’t feature lots of visuals. The main page includes a header slider only. All the rest of the content is written data organized in grids and tiles and highlighted by means of bold headlines and calls-to-action.

Dentistry Responsive WordPress Theme


Hairlux WordPress Theme

Stunning animation is the first thing that you will mention when looking at Hairlux. Designed for hair transplantation companies, it will work good for any other web project that is connected with beauty or health care industries. The design is photo-centric. The header slider and background photos boast the parallax scrolling effect. In order not to make the theme overloaded with heavy elements, the layout features ghost buttons and transparent blocks. The latter make a perfect match with the rest of the layout, adding a more refined and elegant look to it.

Visually pleasing, the theme is also such a joy to navigate. First and foremost, the layout is fully responsive. Adapted for all the popular web browsers, it will provide web surfers with enjoyable browsing experience. On top of it, thanks to the lazy load effect your site’s content will load fast.

Hair Transplantation WordPress Theme


QJewelry WordPress Theme

The black and white classic will never go out of fashion. QJewelry was built in an elegant and stylish manner that will appeal to the most demanding customers. The theme arrives ready to go out of the box. If you enjoy the default settings, then go ahead replace sample content with yours and your site is ready to go. What do you need to use the theme for? Blogs, news portals, company sites and online portfolios will look amazing when built with its help.

In order to showcase all of your content beautifully, the theme comes loaded with several sliders. If you take a look at the main page, you will see an impressive full-width slider that occupies most of the header space. Transparent elements add special charm to the layout. Circular elements combined with rectangular forms make a perfect match as well.

Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme


Luxury Lingerie WordPress Theme

Luxury Lingerie is a well-done, comprehensive WordPress template. Arriving with a little bit less color than the rest of the themes on this list, it looks no less impressive. If the default settings seem to be too simple and minimalist for you, then you can always enhance the color palette with new hues via the dashboard. In addition, if you want to play with fonts, images or any other element of the design in search of the perfect online presentation of your web project, the template provides you with such a possibility. An array of custom page templates and advanced theme options can be accessed via the dashboard.

Luxury Lingerie enables you to create a one-stop blog for true fashionistas quickly and easily. Fill it with your content, tweak the layout in a way that will perfectly match your business criteria, share valuable content and enhance it with stunning visuals, and you will get a resource that will keep the style-focused audience come back over and over again.

Refined Lingerie WordPress Theme


Maximum WordPress Theme

Maximum is a health care agency WordPress theme. Those users who prefer browsing the web from mobile devices will be able to enjoy your store’s content to the fullest given that the template runs on a fully responsive Cherry Framework. Retina ready visuals will look sharp on the last-generation devices, without losing a pixel of quality.

A number of customization options and smart tools were integrated into the theme, allowing you to present your company services and products beautifully. The clean fair layout is enhanced with bold coral design elements that draw users’ eye to calls-to-action and the content that matters the most. If you still doubt that a health care website can look interactive, take a look at this theme enhanced with the parallax scrolling images.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme


Model Agency WordPress Theme

The theme is perfect for creating fashion blogs or personal sites. The default settings reveal how a model agency website based on this theme can look like. Instead of the standard positioning of the navigation elements, the layout features a large hero image with the company name and motto placed on it. The main navigation bar was placed below. The drop-down functionality allows organizing plenty of menu items in a compact way. Moving further down the layout, you will see several banners that provide a brief review of the company services. Each of them was equipped with a call-to-action, motivating web users for the deeper investigation.

The footer was made highly useful and informative. Here you will find not only contact details and social sharing options. For the user convenience, the footer includes a block with the latest company news, a bio section and a list of useful links. By clicking the back-to-top arrow users will be taken to the header of the theme in an instant.

Model Agency Responsive WordPress Theme


Hearing Care WordPress Theme

Hearing Care is a medical WordPress theme that captures attention with its unique layout structure. The main menu was organized vertically, to the left of the header slider. Useful info and newsletter subscription form were placed below the navigation panel, in the left sidebar. In that way, users can have quick access to the site menu whenever they need it, and keep on looking through blog posts.

The layout was built in neutral colors. Different content blocks were visually separated from one another by means of different shades of blue. Such a techniques facilitates site navigation and makes it more user-friendly. The theme’s developers offer to share a list of partners or famous clients at the bottom of the page. In that way you will look more trustworthy in the eyes of the web audience.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme


Spero WordPress Theme

Spero is a well-designed and super flexible WordPress theme that was custom-built for medical and health care websites. All icons and images of this theme were made to look razor sharp on any screen resolution. The theme offers pre-designed custom page templates, which allow you to bring your site live with ease. In addition, the theme has a color control feature that makes it possible to adjust the layout to fit your business perfectly.

The theme looks clean and minimal. The main menu, calls-to-action and sub-titles were highlighted with bold turquoise and coral colors. For a more balanced look, the layout combines circular and rectangular shapes. Though the main page features plenty of data, the clever content positioning makes it look uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Rehabilitation Responsive WordPress Theme


Sauna WordPress Theme

Feel the atmosphere of total relaxation when looking at this Sauna & Spa WordPress theme. Placed on the dark background of the wooden texture, visuals look even more breathtaking. In order to capture visitors’ attention, the theme makes use of a stunning slider placed at the top of the page. Right below it, there are several banners showcasing the services that your organization has on offer.

As you scroll down the theme, you will be introduced to the slider revealing a brief review of the company services and prices. Testimonials, useful links and other information that might be of interest to the site audience were organized in the right sidebar. The latest blog updates and contact details were added to the footer of the theme. If you need to apply any changes to the layout structure or tweak the design elements a little bit, this can be easily achieved via the theme’s dashboard.

Sauna Responsive WordPress Theme


Model Portfolio WordPress Theme

Model Portfolio looks clean and innovative. Seductive photo portfolio in the header of the theme will hardly leave anyone indifferent. To the biggest extent, such an approach was chosen to trigger users’ curiosity and make them stay on site for longer. A stunning portfolio showcases the latest works of the model agency. Each photo can be zoomed in to view it in details. Below you will find a call to action, welcoming site visitors to view the rest of the creative shots.

As a rule, model agency websites are rather photo heavy. That is why valid coding and optimized page loading are highly important for boosting viewers’ involvement. Integration with the company social media profiles is of great value as well. That’s why, Instagram feed placed in the footer of the theme will both entertain the audience and motivate them to follow your profile on the popular social platform.

Model Agency WordPress Theme


Inetto WordPress Theme

Inetto is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is intended for building Internet services websites. It features plenty of smart elements that perfectly serve the purpose of creating a professional business image on the web. The drop-down menu was placed below the Carousel header slider. The 2 column layout structure allows you to share plenty of data about your company on the main page. Grid and list based content positioning is also at your disposal.

The theme was built on the fully responsive framework. Plenty of powerful customization options and tools were added to the theme’s pack. Sliced PSD files are also available. Step-by-step instructions on the theme’s installation and adaptation are available in the documentation folder.

Internet Responsive WordPress Theme


Invito WordPress Theme

Invito is a well-designed mobile company WordPress theme that comes loaded with a variety of smart options providing for quicker and easier customization. Running on Cherry Framework 2.3, the theme is SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible and fully responsive. Valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding make it compatible with the latest web standards.

The theme comes with advanced Google fonts options, unlimited color schemes and the possibility to customize every element of the design. The pixel perfect layout what designed with attention to details. In order to make it easier to differentiate content blocks, the layout makes use of different background color. Though the color palette is not bright, its soft tones perfectly match the theme’s topic.

Blurred Mobile Company WordPress Theme


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